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Monday, January 23, 2012

Fun Favorites

Zany.  Funny.  A little bit naughty.  My kids love it!

Yep, that describes Limelight Larry!  Larry's a peacock...and as peacocks are known to be, he's full of pride!  Larry thinks the book about him will be just amazing, of course, because it is about him.  When his friends step on the pages, Larry is irritated and tries to send them all away.  Eventually he finds himself on a whole page all by himself, but he finds that it's not much fun to show off by himself.  Larry gets over himself and shares the almost-last-page with all of his friends happily.

I have to say that Leigh Hodgkinson's Limelight Larry didn't "wow" me at first, though I certainly liked it.  However, both of my Big Kids LOVE it.  My three year old son will repeatedly request this book throughout the day if he lays eyes upon it.  I have to say, I love the creative fonts throughout the book (in size and style).  Not only that, but the illustrations are a bit different than the typical picture book.  Larry has a permanent place on our shelves!

Don't Worry, Douglas! was a whole family favorite from the first read!  There is so much to love about Douglas and this book.

Douglas is surprised when his father gives him a new woolly hat.  He can't wait to show his friends.  While he is showing off, the unthinkable happens...his new woolly hat has turned into a long string of spaghetti!  His friends try to advise him as to what he should do with his tangled ball of yarn, but no one has a good idea until Rabbit suggests that Douglas just tell his dad what happened.  As it turns out, Dad did know how to help...and gave Douglas his own hat to grow into.  (...Awe...)

So that is the story, but you need to know that David Melling (author/illustrator) made some fantastic pictures in Don't Worry, Douglas!  The animals really seem to have some personality!  As with many Tiger Tales books, this one also has fonts in special styles and sizes to give the book a bit of extra umph.  Instead of lots of "he said/she saids" the animals cried, whooped, gasped, yelped and more.  Just delightful, don't you think?

I definitely think Don't Worry, Douglas! is a book that is worth owning.  It seems special every time we read it...and that says a lot!
I am glad that Tiger Tales added Limelight Larry and Don't Worry, Douglas! to our collection for review purposes!  Thank you!

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