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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tablecloth Storage

About once a year we have enough family visiting us that we need to bring out the folding tables.  Folding tables require tablecloths.

This year when the family descended upon us for Christmas, I did not have time to iron our tablecloths.  Oops.  (Trust me, with my baby ironing a tablecloth for a casual, family dinner without wrinkles was not a priority.)  However, I remembered a tip that I learned on some morning show years ago about tablecloth storage that I implemented before putting the tablecloths away.

Hang a tablecloth on a pants hanger to keep it wrinkle-free in storage.
Since my tablecloths came out of the dryer wrinkle-free, I did not iron them.  Instead, I just promptly folded them and hung them with the pants hanger.  I made sure to hang them along the hem and not the fold.  Instead of using valuable room in my closet where the tablecloths could be smooshed and wrinkled, I hung them in our laundry closet.  It works for me!  


Carrie said...

I try to avoid using tablecloths because I HATE ironing. But this is a clever idea! Wouldn't have thought of that myself!

Rachel said...

That's very smart! :D Great idea!


Bluerose said...

Our table is an old one that used to belong to my grandmother, so we have to use tablecloths at least until we re-finish the top. We've been hanging them up to save room, but we've been folding them the wrong way!! That's a great idea! I think ironing is my least favorite chore ever! :P

Ticia said...

I love tablecloths. I keep a protective cover on my tables, so I use them all the time because otherwise it's ugly.

I need to do this because then I don't have to do the whole unpile stuff to get to it thing.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Great idea! I hate ironing as well and avoid it at all costs. Poor hubby has to iron his own clothes because I won't do it.

Dorie said...

This is a fabulous idea - one I should be using! Our table cloths are stored in drawers - and oh, it is awful how wrinkled they get. Now, I'm thinking about where I could hang them instead. Hmmm...

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