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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Benefits of Preschool

After sharing last week that I think preschool is optional, I realized that some reading may not understand our reasoning for sending our children to preschool...especially since I did not tell you the benefits of preschool.

As a former teacher with the internet available to me with all of you preschool and homeschool blogs out there, I think I could do just fine preparing my children for kindergarten academically.  So can most moms who want to.  Yes, I could keep M at home, but I don't.

Here are a few reasons for a family to choose preschool off the top of my head.

At preschool the child will benefit from being taught by someone other than the parent.  Some children really respond well to other adults for instruction and discipline.

The child will grow socially.  Some children are extremely shy, while others have a need to be around others.  Preschool also addresses social skills such as taking turns and sharing without the sibling rivalry.

The child may have opportunities to learn something new and develop new interests.  Ideally, the children in a preschool will have many opportunities for physical movement, music, and art in addition to regular academics.  Often there are also opportunities for children to perform in a play or to sing songs to an audience.

The teacher is always "on."  The teacher has no other duties (like laundry, dishes, or supper) while they are with your child.  (Like any working parent, it waits until they are home.)  The learning day is quite focused.

Preschool is an introduction, not mastery of academics.  I think it is great for children's first school experience to be FUN.  Academic pressures should not arise in preschool because it is an introduction, though parents and teachers should still encourage a child to do their best.

Now that I have written just a few thoughts, I can easily think of ways to meet each need at home, and you probably can, too, as long as a parent does not work.  I admire my homeschooling friends...and often wonder how in the world they do it.  But, like most things, it is a learning process for all involved.

We've completed lots of preschool activities (linked to posts) at home, despite preschool.  (Here is a list of preschool activities.)

What do you do for school (now or in the future)?  Homeschool, public school, or private school?  
Why do you do what you do? 

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