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Now blogging at THIS SIMPLE HOME.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday's Favorite Five #3

Hmm...I like to take the time to write this post throughout the week; instead I'm just winging it Thursday night after the Big Kids are tucked into bed.
1. Time away.  I had a really refreshing and relaxing time away last weekend with the baby and three friends.  It was really special to not be distracted by other children and really focus on the baby.

2.  Leftovers.  I only make a few meals a week because we eat a lot of leftovers.  I am so thankful that my husband doesn't mind in the least.  Last night and tonight we had chicken pot pie.  I added biscuits tonight to change things up a bit.

3.  Friends' input on choosing blog names for my children.  Below are some options in the order of M, E, and the baby.
~One, Two, and Three (downside...wouldn't they all want to be One?)
~M5, E3, E0 (Initial and age...not creative, but easy for everyone to identify each child.)
~Big Sis, Brother, Little Sis (Simple...)
~Maud, Lewis, and Harper (for some favorite authors...I'm sure you can name them, but Maud Hart ~Lovelace/ L.M. Montgomery, C.S. Lewis, and Harper Lee.  (Louisa May Alcott could be another option.)
~Pippi (Longstocking), Gilbert (from Anne of Green Gables) or Atticus (from To Kill a Mockingbird), and Tacy (from Betsy-Tacy) or Emily (from Emily of Deep Valley)
Please share your opinion as a reader if you have any thoughts!  I am leaning toward two sets especially (Big/Little/Brother and the authors) but you might sway me!

4.  The anticipation of my new blog's debut.  It is waiting on a few things (like personality through a header), but if you want to see it you can.  It's called This Simple Home.  (I will be sharing about my reasons for a new blog sometime in the future; for now, just know that I'm excited.)

5. Enjoying Anne of Green Gables with my Big Kids.  We are only halfway through (it's three hours!), but the children and I are enjoying it!

I'm linking up over at Living to Tell the Story!  Thanks, Susanne for hosting!

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