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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Ultimate Life Organizer

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I am trying to gain more control over my home.  Organizing and cleaning do not come naturally to me.  I really appreciate the internet for help, but I am also a book girl.

The Ultimate Life Organizer, by Lisa Montanaro is a book with great ideas AND a workbook to help you implement those great ideas all in one.    Isn't it pretty?  More importantly, the content is helpful for those of us who want to get organized!

With over 150 pages and seven chapters, The Ultimate Life Organizer is a book that you can read straight through, or you can go straight to the chapter that you would like to focus on first such as Chapter 5: Organizing Your Paper, Bills, and Finances--Oh My!

The time management chapter was especially helpful to me.  Here's a snippet.
"Managing time is really about managing yourself and making choices that are in alignment with your goals.  Try to get a glimpse of what it would be like to live your life in a way that is more consistent with your goals, and honors you and the people in your life more fully.  You make powerful choices on a daily basis.  Every choice you make about how to spend your time is a conscious choice not to spend it doing something else."
Personally, I am taking my time working through this book and workbook and really enjoying it.  I have skimmed the chapters that I have not read thoroughly, because I want to really think about my goals and work through each situation.  The covered wire-O binding makes it easy to use as a workbook, too.  I would suggest checking out some of the inside pages here to see if you might benefit from this organizer, too.

I definitely recommend this organizer!  It's the perfect combination of ideas/resources and questions to help someone get organized.  I do not see any ways it can be improved...except maybe to make a Part 2 for people who are ready to take their organizing efforts to the next level.
I have one copy of The Ultimate Life Organizer to give to one reader of This Simple Home.  To enter, go over to This Simple Home to leave a comment.  Extra entries are available!  Comments here are closed so that you will go to This Simple Home.

Thank you Peter Pauper Press for providing the book for me and for the giveaway!

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