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Friday, April 29, 2011

Writing Names in Children's Books

We have lots of children's books.  Some of the books are from my childhood or my years of teaching.  Others have been given to us or picked up second-hand.  We've been blessed to get plenty for review purposes, too.

My question is this.  Do you write your child's name-or the family's last name in their books?  What about books you give as gifts?

I've noticed a pattern...I love when people write in books they give as a gift, but I rarely do it...and I try to give books for baby showers and Christmas gifts and such.  I rarely write in books for my own kids or for others.

What's your opinion on writing names in children's books?

(If I loan out a copy of one of my own books, I typically put an address label in it in hopes of its safe return to me.)

The photo below is completely unrelated.  For three summers we had hay and corn in the field behind our home (since we moved in 2008).  Our neighbors have changed it to a pasture for their small herd of cows this year.  So now we have this beautiful view!  (The corn and hay was rather nice, too, and especially enjoyable to watch them work the horses in the fields.)  The cows are very friendly and all lined up to see us when we went to get a close look. 
 Of course with a great view like this, there is a minor drawback.  We now have a bit more of the "farm smell."  I'm hoping it doesn't draw too many flies to our home.


Ticia said...

I do sometimes, and I agree I like the idea of writing your name in it. I have a book I got for my birthday in junior high that still has my name in it from then.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Now that you mention it, I almost never write the children's names in our books. It's funny, because I wrote my name in all of my books as a child - often crossing out an older brother's name first :)

angie said...

I like to give a children's books instead of cards for birthdays,etc. Since cards are so expensive and get tossed in the trash, it is a forever keepsake of the event. I write a short note or dedication on the inside cover with the recipient's name, the date, the occasion, and the givers' names.

Brimful Curiosities said...

I have written names and a special message in books that I give as gifts, but I always use a pencil just in case, sometime down the road, the recipient (or other owner) wants to erase the inscription off the pages. I adore finding antique books with an inscription. It makes them seem like a part of history.

Bluerose said...

I'm like you. I just adore getting books that have an inscription or name in them, but I rarely do it. I think I may start that tradition. To me, it makes the book so much more special. And I also love finding old books that have someone else's inscription. It makes me feel like I am briefly drawn into that person's history. :)

And I love your view! I was noticing it in one of your other posts.

Lisa said...

I have several books with my name in them, from when I was a wee little one. (They include dates too.) My mom and sisters wrote in them. I love the idea of knowing who they belonged to, but I rarely think to write in ours.
I'm jealous of the neighbor cows. Our view is of the big, mean, ugly black dog next door. ;)

Carrie said...

I used to write my name in all my books. But then when I started weeding some of my old books out, I didn't like the fact that my name was in them. So I've stopped writing my name and don't write my kids names. I'm just not sure if a book will be around forever. Some will, I do realize, but for those that don't - I just feel funny about doing it now. Although it does provide an interesting history to the book and I kinda like seeing the names of people written down who have owned and read the book before me. ??

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