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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ham Problems

Over the weekend we determined that it would be best to use the delay start feature of our oven.  (Having lived here for nearly three years, we had never used it.)  We wanted to have a mid-day dinner and would not be home from church until late morning.  Saturday night we practiced see how it worked.  Sunday morning my brother-in-law walked me through the steps that he had done the previous night.  Everything looked good to go.

We arrived home a few hours later...and the ham was cold.  (Boy, was I thankful to have already read at the Smithfield ham site to let the ham sit out at room temperature for a couple of hours before roasting.)  Derek's grandmother had the brilliant idea of just slicing the ham off the bone and frying it!

It worked perfectly.  I put Derek's aunt to work frying the ham, and she did a great job, despite her lack of cooking skills.  (I know she can cook a hot dog, but, and she admits, not much else.)  It turned out very tasty, and since we still roasted the remaining meat and bone, we were able to make gravy, too!  We were able to eat dinner at a decent time thanks to frying the ham.

I thought I'd share in case you have a ham emergency someday!  As it turned out, our electricity went off while we were at church.  My alarm clock was blinking when we went to bed, so that is how we found out!  Mystery solved!


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I would not have thought to fry the ham - good solution! We used our oven's delay feature without any problems - but I never fully trust it :)

Miller Moments said...

Oh no! Quick thinking on Grandma's part and sounds like a wonderful solution. Hope you had a great Easter!

Christy said...

I don't even know if my oven has a delay feature. I do use the delay feature on my washing machine and I LOVE that - I always set it the night before so that when I wake up, I can just put the clothes in the dryer. Anyway, great solution to the problem!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Fried ham sounds wonderful. Happy Easter!

Carrie said...

Well, THAT'S an adventure I hope never to have but it does sound like y'all made the most of it and figured out a great solution! =)

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