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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Must Read: Strictest School in the World

I had The Strictest School in the World books on my "want to own" list for quite some time, and when Mr. Whitehouse offered each autographed, hardback book for just $5 plus shipping ($21 total for the three books-autographed!) I jumped at the chance.  You may not know this, but I really don't buy many fiction books.  I typically use the library for them...and review books that I like to pass along, too, of course.  I was excited to buy these books for ME, though I can't wait until my kids are older so that I can share them with my own children.  (If you are curious about the review the convinced me to want these books, read it here.)

The Strictest School in the WorldCheck out the title!  The Strictest School in the World-Being the Tale of Clever Girl, a Rubber Boy and a Collection of Flying Machines Mostly Broken or the Mad Misadventures of Emmaline and Rubberbones.  

The title really explains it all, but if you let the title get you, you will miss out on an incredible book!  Emmaline is a very clever girl who creates flying machines though she is terrified of dying in one.  So enters her new friend, Rubberbones, who just can't be hurt!  He is willing to fly her machines.  Unfortunately, she is soon sent to truly the strictest school in the world-which keeps the students there with fear of the "birds" that are really not birds at all, but something much more terrifying!

I actually read this book a while ago (as you might know if you like to keep track of all the books I read over at Net's Book Nook).  I wanted to savor the series and not read it all at once, though really, I want to devour this adventurous children's book-that is lovely for adults, too.  So I have not completed the series yet.   However, I instead of waiting to share these books with you until I finish the series, I wanted to tell you now for a couple of excellent reasons.  I HIGHLY recommend these books (okay, I've only read the first).  If our library has it, yours likely will, too!!

1. I don't know how many more books Howard Whitehouse has to offer with his incredibly kind deal.  You can email him at professorbellbuckle (at) yahoo (dot) com to discuss it in detail even if you are only slightly interested.  (How can you go wrong?)
2. You can actually win these books!  Remember the great giveaway I mentioned?  Well, I blogged about it before I knew all the goodies Reading to Know was offering!  Well, Howard Whitehouse is offering a set of his signed books!  Check it out here.  (And then don't forget to check out her other giveaways, too.  There are 10 total.)


Carrie said...

Thumbs up! =D So glad you liked them. I think this series is AWESOME good fun and I'm glad you agree. Won't it be fun to share them with the kids when they are older? I can't wait!

Howard Whitehouse said...

Annette, I still have some books, so if your readers want a set, they should let me know!

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