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Monday, April 18, 2011

Counting Spring Beauty

Spring has sprung here in southeastern PA.  A week ago, on our (35 minute) drive to church we noticed all the lovely spring trees.  What stood out especially to our children were all of the pink trees.
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On the way to church we pointed out each pink tree we saw.  Then on the way home we counted each pink tree we saw.  (Actually, we counted each pink tree the children saw or the obvious ones that the parents saw.)

It was quite the blessing to enjoy God's beauty in something as simple as a pink tree.  I can't wait to show M lilac bushes since she loves purple!

This week on the way to church, M noticed that there are not too many pink trees the few miles we have in Pennsylvania or Maryland on the way to church.  It's not until we get to Delaware (and town) that they are really noticeable!  We counted over 25 trees!  Even our 2 year old enjoyed pointing out the pink trees!


Jellybean's Mommy said...

What a beautiful tree. Here in South FL, we don't see anything quite like this. How Awesome is God, to create such beauty!

Renee said...

I grew up in South Easter PA and oh, it's so beautiful there. Love the picture of the tree. Have a wonderful Easter!

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