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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fabulous Beginning Reader Resources

First, I just have to say that my daughter is just beginning to read.  She reads three letter words and some longer words that are important to her or with an "s" ending.  We've been using the BOB books, and we really like them, as I talked about here and here.

I love the blogging world and am constantly amazed at the talents of parents who easily create things to help teach their children.  I just like to use what they make!  So today I'm sharing a bit of what

Go Fish or Memory PHONICS~ Match the picture to the word!  Ticia at Adventures in Mommydom created this game.  I was really excited when I saw that I could save the document to a Word document and put in our own Dad picture.  I printed this on carstock for durability.  However, you could print on regular paper and then glue to construction paper to create your own cards.  For my 4 year old, we divide the cards into two groups before playing, so it is like we have two sets of playing cards.  (Pictured are just a few cards.)

K4 Curriculum~ Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler has TONS of stuff for you to print.  Honestly, she could work for a publisher of early childhood workbooks.  We will begin with this Beginning Sounds pages.  We have a couple of workbooks that I definitely need to be using more often!  I like that Erica has a mix of writing practice combined with the reading and sometimes it is just reading by having the child draw a circle or a line.  (Pictured here is just one of the pages we did.  It earned an extra smile because her name was written so it could be read!!  The teacher in me awards stars.  If you do the same, I would suggest letting young children make corrections so that you can always award the star.)

This next one is not from a blog, but from Nick Jr.  Yes, we watch Nick, Jr.  Several months back I went there to explore what learning things they might have.  Almost all of their games and printables are related to a character from a show.  However, I did find several word family activities.  They were to be cut out and matched.  I took it a step further.  I cut, laminated, and created a file folder game.  Honestly, it is a touch easy for M at this point, but it still reinforces what she is learning!

Word Families -UG, -AN-AT.  These are puzzle-style where the child matches the correct letter to the word ending to create the word for the picture.  They are color coded, so they are self-checking.  (Or just match them without too much thought, though I still like them.)  Use them as puzzle pieces or create a folder game like I did.  (M was actually completing the puzzle upside down.  She was just matching colors, though she could "read" the words-or at least look at the pictures.)


Shonda said...

Oh, thanks for all the ideas, Annette. I was thinking about purchasing the K4 curric from Erica. I love her blog and she's so creative. I also love all the other great ideas you have here.

Joan Holub said...

Hi Annette,

You're one of the winners of my What Does Cow Say? book + plush cow + barn carrycase. Congratulations, and thanks for playing. I got a great response and it was fun hearing everyone's moovelous thoughts on what cows really say.

Please email me the address you'd like me to mail the goodies to when you get a chance. joanholubauthor4 at aol dot com

Thanks again,

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  • Homemade Magic Shell - I remember having Magic Shell once as a child. The chocolate syrup drizzled over my ice cream magically turned crispy hard. Mmm... So I was rather excited t...

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