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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Shelter of God's Promises, by Sheila Walsh

The Shelter of God's PromisesDespite her many books (over 4 million sold for adults and children!), I have not read any of Sheila Walsh's books...until now!  I thoroughly enjoyed The Shelter of God's Promises once I was able to give it my full attention.  (I read the first few chapters in distracted situations.  I truly need to go back and reread them to really get the most from this book!  Unfortunately, I do not know if the chapters were slow-going or if it was my circumstances and interrupted readings that made the initial reading a bit slow for me.)

The Shelter of God's Promises is not just a list of some Bible verses with a bit of application.   Sheila Walsh combines Scripture, personal experience, and thorough Bible teaching to create a book well-worth your time.  I found her to be real and the biblical teaching to be enlightening and informative.

Each of us experiences a time (or lifetime) of need.  We need God to survive, especially during those dark days when we are living in uncertainty.   Each chapter is full, typically 15-20 pages, of encouragement that we have from God.  Below is a list of the chapters.
      Promises, Promises/I Need Something to Hold on To
      Provision/ I Don't Have Enough
      Peace/ I'm Afraid and Feel Alone
     Confidence/ I Can't See God's Plan in this Pain
      Love/ I Don't Believe That Anyone Could Really Love Me
     Grace/  I Have Failed
     Hope/ I'm Broken
     Strength/ I Feel Things Are Crashing Around Me
     More/ I Know There's Something Better
     Home/ I Have a Future

Think about these statements when considering God and any promise that He boldly makes.
"This is the shelter of all God's promises: God not only keeps His promises, but He longs to keep us in them." ~ page 9
"When God makes a promise, He can never break it." ~ page  12
"We have to separate promises that may never be kept from God's promises, which will never be broken." ~ page 13
Personally, I really enjoyed the chapter on confidence.  I was surprised at how Walsh's teaching on the Samaritan woman spoke to me.  Maybe that is why she said that to some degree we are all the Samaritan woman.  Until we come to the foot of Jesus and let our sin be delivered from us...washed away in His blood, then we are just another the Samaritan woman.

I was also enthralled with the chapter on love, as discussed through the hemorrhaging woman.  I had never heard or read such teaching on her, but it touched me.  This unlovable, untouchable woman was transformed through the healing touch and love of Jesus.

As Walsh wrote about Peter and John the Baptist, I saw both in new light.  More importantly, I understood God's promises better.   When John is in prison, Jesus sends a message.  The message speaks of no freedom or liberation for John.  Instead, Jesus says, "Blessed is anyone who does not stumble on account of me."  (Luke 7:23)  Consider this.
"Christ's statement to John the Baptist begs a question that each one of us must answer at some point in our lives: will you love and serve a God you do not always understand?" ~ page 181
Despite my slow beginning The Shelter of God's Promises, I do recommend it!  In fact, I will even recommend it to my Bible study for a future book study after I reread the beginning chapters.  Included in the back of the book is a book discussion and Bible study.  For each chapter about 10 questions are included and a suggested verse to memorize.

Thank you, Thomas Nelson, for providing this book for review purposes.


Miller Moments said...

I Love Sheila Walsh books!

Ticia said...

I agree. I love Sheila Walsh books, and the Gigi and Will books are awesome!

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