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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mail Time!

We participated in the Super Summer Swap hosted by The Dairy Queen and Superheroes and Princesses. We were not disappointed! Sissy from Academy at Thousand Oaks is also two years old. She chose lots of wonderful things for Meghan. She immediately went for the yellow, smiley face necklace. It's filled with bubbles! Also included were stickers, coloring book, stamp, ink, paints, some wooden items to paint, and some special items from Sissy's state of Arkansas! Sissy and her mommy put together a very special book for Meghan. It used photographs to tell all about Sissy. This is a such a great idea! We are thrilled to know Sissy so well. M was thrilled when we sent Sissy her package at the post office. When she opened the new package, she kept saying Sissy's real name and "friend." Isn't that sweet! Thank you to Sissy and Jenny at Academy at Thousand Oaks!


Angie said...

Nater loves to point at a picture of his Swap Pal and says "Friend" too.

Thanks for introducing us to the swap, it has been so much fun!

Izzie, Mac & Me said...

The photo album is such a neat idea!

Rachel said...

Aww, how sweet! I am glad M has a special new friend! =:D Enjoy your bubbles M! =:D


Raising a Happy Child said...

Awesome! Anna really enjoyed gifts from her online friend too.

Christy said...

Thank you for participating! The photo album is so sweet.

Jenny said...

AW! She's so sweet! So happy we were matched up!! :)

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