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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Read Alouds

It's been a while since I shared what we've been reading together.  Tomorrow begins A Book a Day for Christmas!  Woo-hoo!

In early July I went to a lovely used book sale.  I spent about 1 1/2 hours in the children's section, and didn't even finish.  I filled two grocery bags with books...for just $10.  Oh, it was lovely!  I took out a few books to share with the kids and set some chapter books on our bookshelf.  Then I misplaced the rest of the loot in plain sight in our basement.  Thankfully I have since found the books, and have been sharing them with the children.  These titles are all from the sale.

Little Bear (An I Can Read Book)Little Bear is a great book...and series.  We've borrowed it from the library before, but now I'm thankful to have it for our own collection.  We also have two other books in this series.  Little Bear books are the perfect level for my daughter who is just starting to read.  She not only enjoys looking at the pictures to see what the story is about, but also enjoys reading the story.  I was just thrilled the other morning when I overheard her clearly reading aloud on the couch while I was clearing the breakfast dishes.  Of course, when I asked her if she was reading, she said no...and told me we needed more Little Bear books.

Dandelion (Picture Puffins)
Do you recognize the name Don Freeman?  I snatched Dandelion excitedly when I saw his name.  He is the creator of the Corduroy series which we really enjoy.  Dandelion is a lion who is invited to a party.  He gets a fancy hair-do and new clothes before the party.  When he knocks on the door, Jennifer Giraffe doesn't recognize him and closes the door on him.  It ends up raining, and his hair returns to normal as do his clothes since he removes his jacket.  He goes to the party again and is welcomed...and reminded it's best to be himself.

Morris The Moose Goes TO SchoolI instantly recognized Morris the Moose Goes to School from my childhood.  I recall very few books, but was excited to pick up this title as an easy reader for M.  It's a silly book about a moose who goes to school to learn more.

Diggers and Dump Trucks (Eye Openers) (Hardcover)Diggers and Dumptrucks is of course one of E's new favorites.  (The funny thing is we have a different book by the same title that is also well-loved.)  This book gives just enough information about different types of construction vehichles to engage a variety of ages.  I also like that there are photos and drawings in the book.

I'm linking up to Read Aloud Thursday today at Hope Is the Word!  Thanks to Amy for hosting!


Ticia said...

I love Little Bear too, it's such a cute series.

Bluerose said...

I saved my Little Bear and Morris the Moose books from when I was younger. They are patiently waiting for when Grasshopper gets a little older.

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