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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thank You Gift

It's that time of year again...the end of the school year!  As a former teacher I know how much personal notes are appreciated at any time of the year.  Friday is actually M's final day of preschool until fall.  (She'll be 5 in October.)

I wrote a note to M's teacher, and M also made a card and dictated a thoughtful note.  (She mentioned Mrs. S's "great forgiveness" which tells you that M is not a model student-or even average when it comes to behavior-even for a 4 year old).

We gave the teacher the notes, along with an edible thank you and a gift card.  I made sugar cookies, and wrote T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U, along with some shapes in frosting.  (This was my most successful attempt at doesn't usually go well.)  I lined a box with tissue paper and then tin foil, and placed the cookies inside the box.  Nothing exciting, but hopefully appreciated.  (Not all teachers like edible gifts...I have no idea if Mrs. S. does or not, but it's worth the chance for me.)
(In making the sugar cookies, let me tell you what torture it is to have scrumptious cookie dough in the fridge that is strictly off limits!!  UGH!  The only time I don't eat cookie dough, due to the raw eggs, is during pregnancy.  It was pure torture.  However, on baking day I made up for it.  I'm not certain of the number of cookies, but I think it was under ten.  These are my really irresistible sugar cookies...the kind I can't walk by without eating one...or more.)

How do you say thank you?

(The photo of M above shows her wearing a long necklace with graduation caps on it.  It was given to her when we went to a graduation party last year.  I don't think she equated her "closing day" ceremony with graduation, but when she asked to wear it, we said yes.  In case you are wondering, she has pony tails and wanted to wear her headband.  Then she added her sunglasses to the top of her head...all before heading off to school on Thursday.)

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evanwick said...

Perfect timing. I've been struggling with a thank you for Rosie's teacher and to top it off she is also retiring after over 30 years of teaching! I will probably go the direction of a dinner gift certificate, but until now couldn't figure out how to make it feel thoughtful. Duh...a personal note!

Love reading the updates on your family!! Have a wonderful weekend!

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