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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Books to Enjoy with Mom and Grandma

Was anyone else taken by surprise that Mother's Day is May 8th this year??  I was a bit shocked...and will not complete a certain project by that deadline since I don't have the supplies, nor am I able to get them.  However, a little project by the kids will be shared soon for the grandmas in our lives.

My children have FOUR grandmas (one is a great grandma) that they see on a semi-regular basis (meaning at least a couple times a year).  We call each one "Grandma LastName."  By age 3, my daughter knew who each one was, despite the long distance between us.  We use visits, photos, and just talking about them.  Now that my daughter is 4 1/2 we sometimes send emails to those who use it.  We make cards and such too, to keep the grandparents close to us.

Well, now we also have The Grandma Book.  It's a cute book by Todd Parr that celebrates grandmothers-and yet doesn't really stereotype them.

The Grandma Book"Some grandmas like to make you eat a lot.  Some grandmas like to make you things.  All grandmas like to hear from you."  (Punctuation added.  That's right.  There is no punctuation in this picture book until the final page which is a bit like an author's note since it says "Love, Todd".  The lack of punctuation is my only dislike.)

The illustrations are bold and bright and have the bold black outline that is also popular in our beloved Maisy books.   I definitely recommend this book to families who want a little reminder of the love of grandmothers and how special they are.  One of my favorite sets of pages says, "Some grandmas live with a grandpa.  Some grandmas live with their friends."  (Once again, punctuation added.)  It lets kids know that a retirement home or even a nursing home is still a home for grandma!  The back cover even has a  place for the reader to place a photo of Grandma!

I think The Grandma Book is great for a wide range of ages!  I highly recommend it, and just wish that author Todd Parr had used periods in his writing.  

You Are My Little CupcakeMy 2 1/2 year old son was quickly drawn to You Are My Little Cupcake.  It's written by Amy E. Sklansky and illustrated by Talitha Shipman.  The illustrations are cute, and the text is all about how the baby is like a cupcake.
"Your smile is as sweet as frosting.  Your snuggle can't be beat."  
The text is rhyming.  Our copy of You Are My Little Cupcake is in boardbook form, and the cover even has a cupcake liner texture.  Very cute.  Though the book illustrates a baby, even older children can enjoy this book!  It is definitely a good cuddling book for parents!  I can't wait to share this with our baby come October!  (Our son ate a lot of our board books...Probably I should be more accurate.  Our son chewed the binding and ruined many of our board books.)

I thank Little, Brown for providing these great books for us to enjoy for review purposes.  We think their books are fabulous!


"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

The you are my little cupcake is an adorable one!

Bluerose said...

I'll have to get the cupcake one for my little ones. I've recently been looking around for some mommy books, and it looks really cute!

My son chewed the binding on many of our board books, too. It broke my heart each time. ;)

Carrie said...

Well, we like Maisy around here. And I love the cupcake book!!!!

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