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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Wall Hanging

I love personalized items-note cards, pillows, key chains, wall hangings...and even if I have not made a personalized wall hanging for my son yet, I have made a few as gifts.  Above is the most recent one that I made for a newborn baby of a friend.  (Isn't Felicity a beautiful name?)  It is really basic with just paint for the background instead of scrapbook paper.  (I didn't want to clash with nursery decor.)  For the lettering, I used a brown behind a green print that had brown and pink in it, though you would need to click the photo to enlarge it to see all of that.

You might notice the shiny glare...the Mod Podge I used was glossy.  Next time I will use regular matte finish.  The photograph shows just how imperfect it is...if you have any tips for keeping lettering straight while using Mod Podge, please share!  I'm glad it was appreciated despite the flaws!

If interested in how to make a personalized wall hanging or changing it to a barrette holder, you can click the links.


Dorie said...

It turned out well! And, I agree Felicity is a beautiful name.

"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

Isn't hard to get those pics right? I have the hardest time getting the pics myself too. It came out very nice though.

Debbie said...

could you use some double sided sticky tape or other scrapbook tape to keep the letters in place while you are doing the mod podge. That is what I would try. Then you could line up the letters with a ruler or something and keep them in place while you put on the mod podge. Hope you find a solution.

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