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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Flowers and Butterflies

Spoiler Alert: If you are a grandmother to our kids, you will want to skip this post.  

I just love hand print and fingerprint crafts.  Today I have a hand print butterfly and fingerprint flowers to share with you that could both be used for a preschool or school-aged Mother's Day craft.

For the fingerprint flowers, I simply cut some white cardstock into smaller pieces (approximately 4x5).  My four year old practiced on paper first, but really wanted to complete her flowers independently, which means no or little guidance from this mom.  Her flower is pink.  My 2 year old son's is blue.  He thought this project was great fun and allowed me to help him.  Of course, afterwards, both children painted with paintbrushes.  After the paint was dry, I added grass and stems and a personal message on the back.
 To make hand print butterflies, you could actually use two children's hands, but in this example, only my daughter wanted to participate.

We traced M's hands.  While I cut them  out, I had her cut out two "bodies" for the butterfly.  We arranged the hands between the two bodies.  Then she drew a face on it.

Ours is displayed in our window by the front door.  With it being two sided, it makes a great window display, even if the colors fade quickly.
I can't believe it's nearly Mother's Day.  It's just a few days away since it is "early" this year. 


Dorie said...

Great craft ideas! I so enjoy when the crafts that include the children's hand shapes or finger prints...I guess partly because as I look back over them in years to come, I can remember how small they once were, and of course, admire their handiwork.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

The fingerprint flowers would make a nice, framed keepsake!

Miller Moments said...

So cute! At the preschool class I help teach at our co-op we did flower cards and had their hands be the flowers. I love the fingerprint idea! And your butterflies are very cute!

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