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Monday, September 21, 2009

A Tour

Today Derek and I took M to tour the preschool she will be attending a month from now.  It's a speech and language classroom. 

The building is new.  An entire wing is devoted to the intermediate unit's preschool programs.  Several preschool classrooms and therapy rooms are in this wing.

Oh.  The name of the building is the X County Technical College High School.  How funny is that??

M enjoyed the play area and participated a bit in a craft.  She really enjoyed the outside recess time on the playground.  At the present time there are 8 children in the classroom.  (Eleven is the maximum number allowed.)

This is the play area.  M enjoyed the play food. 

When it was time to leave, M cried.  She was the only one to cry while we were visiting...I think it had to do with sharing...and leaving.  Oh well. 

Just wanted to share a bit of what's happening with us. 


Miller Moments said...

Looks like a very fun room!

Cindy said...

Wow, this looks like an awesome place.
I know you are both going to struggle with this but it will be so good for her. And after the first few days you won't remember your worries.

Raising a Happy Child said...

It looks awesome! I am happy to say that my daughter really enjoys her new preschool now. I hope it will be the same for Meghan.

Angie said...

I am so excited to hear updates with how she does at pre-school. You guys will be in my prayers as you make this transistion.

Katie said...

What a lovely new school, I just love the smell of a brand spankin' new classroom! Looks like a lovely place to start getting an education.

Rachel said...

That's great! I hope that she will be able to learn more from being there! :) Been praying for her and you all!

HaHa, I loved the play food too when I was little (still do too!). ;D We went to this play place somewhere in PA I think and they had tons of play food there as well as other things. I always felt like crying when we had to go. :) Now I am a big girl and just go to the kitchen and make something REAL to eat! Lol!


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