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Monday, September 7, 2009

File Folder Games

From my days in the elementary classroom, I have appreciated file folder games! Older children can usually use them independently, and younger ones can practice a skill in a fun way. Want a free download? Read on! Integrias Academy is where Shanna, mom of seven children 8 and younger, shares her wonderful artwork and file folders for a very small cost. (They just had their seventh baby at the end of August. Baby L was recently hospitalized, and they could use some prayer support. You can read more about the family at their blog.)
I had the opportunity to review three file folder games. Though she also offers file folders for grades kindergarten to third grade and up, I choose some of her preschool games. (There are more available for the preschool level).
M's favorite is, by far, Seasons Change. She gets to dress Fox in proper clothing depending on the weather/season.
We actually haven't tried this Letter Match game where you match the lowercase envelopes to the proper uppercase mailbox. I think she'll be ready for it fairly soon though.
Busy Buzzing Numbers has the child counting the flowers and matching the proper bee to it. I cut the flowers apart and arranged them out of order. Since this is a number game, M is not interested, yet. (I have hope!)
All of these games are very cute! The drawings are great and reinforce the skills we are working on, or will be soon. It's easy to prepare the game since Shanna has completed the hard work! I just cut, laminated, and glued. (You could use card stock, but laminating will make it extra durable.)
The file folder games for older children have great variety in themes and artwork. I do hope to see more variety for the preschool age in the future. I think boys might like to see more trucks, bugs, and creatures. Everyone loves ice cream though and it's a great way to practice colors!
Interested?? These are quite affordable at $3 each. It's the same cost if she custom designs a folder game for you! Another great option, especially if you plan to homeschool for several years, is her CD. You get all 17 games, for a variety of ages, for just $15! If you'd like to see the quality for yourself before buying, just sign up to be on her email list! You get one free download with sign up! (I think I have only gotten one email in a couple of months time.)
Do you use file folder games? How do you store them? Do you design them yourself or seek help, like from Shanna? I'd love to hear about what you do!


Debbie said...

So glad you found Shanna and that M is enjoying her file folder games.

I have been praying for Levi since they took him to the hospital. Shanna is a fellow TOS Homeschool Crew member.

Have a great week,

The Activity Mom said...

I just started using file folder games with B. I haven't found a good way to organize them yet. Thanks for the link. Her folders look really well done. I will check them out for sure!

Miller Moments said...

You and I think way too much alike....I've already written a post about this for Wednesday! Although my games don't look as pretty as yours. :)

The Harris Family said...

These are really cute...I also love the season one. We love file folder games. I use ones I find on the internet but I ocassionally make my own. I store them by theme and keep them in an open file crate for easy access.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I keep reading about folder games, but I am too lazy to make them. All this gluing, cutting and laminating is a little more than I can bear. Usually, I just print the game on the regular paper and see how Anna takes it. Sadly, so far she never wanted to repeat the game more than twice, so the effort on my side wouldn't be justified. That said, the season change game looks very interesting. I wish I had it for my "seasons" theme :)

Shanna said...

Thanks so much for your prayers and for reviewing our ffgs! I'm so glad you've enjoyed them!!

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