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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Homemade Statue of Liberty Costume

Since my daughter was three years old and we read The Statue of Liberty she has loved the Statue of Liberty.  Earlier this year we visited family in NYC, and saw her for ourselves, too.

It was fun and easy to make the Statue of Liberty costume for Halloween this year.  To make one for yourself, you will need just a few items.

2-4 yards of green fabric (2 was perfect for my 5 year old) or bed sheet
cardboard or book
crown (purchased or homemade)
colored paper~ 1 yellow or orange, 1 red, 3 green

1. Cover book (or cardboard cut to preferred size) with the two pieces of green paper, front and back.  Tape in place.  Write JULY IV MDCCLXXVI on it.  (It means July 4 1776.)

2. Cover the main cylinder of the flashlight with green paper.  Cut hole for the thumb switch.  Tape in place.

3.  Cut triangles about 3 inches long from the red and yellow paper for flames.  You will need about ten flames.  Curl with scissors, if desired, the way you curl ribbon for gifts.  Tape to the top of the flashlight to complete your torch.

4.  Tie the fabric toga-style to child.  Hold one corner on right shoulder.  Wrap fabric around body, going under left arm, around the back, under right arm, and tied in the back at the shoulder.

5. Place crown on head, tablet in left arm, and the torch in the raised right arm.
You might be interested in our liberty and patriotic activities for young children.

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Ticia said...

Hee hee, we just learned about her yesterday and measured out how big she is for different parts.

Miller Moments said...

GREAT costume! Love it!

Carrie said...

This just makes me grin. =D

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Oh she is just so adorable in these photos!! What a great idea for a costume, and you did a beautiful job, Annette!

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