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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Betsy's Wedding, by Maud Hart Lovelace

Honestly, I had decided I wasn't going to review Betsy and the Great World  or Betsy's Wedding though I enjoyed both a great deal.  The big problem is that I finished them a few weeks ago...

(Please note that these are the final books in a lovely series that I highly recommend for young readers and adults who enjoy learning of another time period.)

 But I still wanted to document that I really enjoyed these books, so I will write some brief thoughts.

In Besty and the Great World, Betsy is 21 and her parents have decided to send her on a tour of Europe.  It seems that this adventure will be a great way to improve her writing and see the world-all the while trying to forget about her old sweetheart Joe.  The year was 1914, and it's obvious that Betsy is ignorant to the hostility in Europe and even the thought of war despite what her new European friends think- until the worst happens and war begins.  With the war's arrival, Betsy must seek her own departure to America.

Betsy's Wedding begins with Betsy's return to America...and Joe Willard.  Obviously, they marry.  It's really the only way this Betsy-Tacy series can end, you know!

I personally loved reading about Betsy trying to learn to cook and clean and be a wife.  Even when her friends would make fudge at her home, she never really she was truly starting from scratch!  Thankfully, her old friend Tib has some helpful hints for her.  My favorite was to have a "company dinner" meal that you can make for company.  I don't really do this...just kind of figure out what I want to serve based on the guests.  (I'm thinking that the Bacon Ranch Chicken might be it since it can be made in the crock pot...and no gravy needed!)

Despite how hard it was for Betsy, I loved her perseverance...even when offered a job writing.

"...You might enjoy working in a publicity office."
Betsy was very pleased by her answer came promptly.  "Oh, Mrs. Hawthorne, I know I'd love it!  Joe has told me how delightful your office is.  But Mrs. Hawethorne, I already have a job."
"You have?" She sounded surprised.
"Yes.  An it's important, and very hard.  It's learning how to keep house."
Mrs. Hawthorne swept her arms around Betsy with laughter.  "That's the girl!" she said.

She also had to learn to let Joe lead the way...this was not easy, especially when it came to a long-term visitor.  I loved reading how she changed her attitude from grudgingly agreeing because it is what she should do to accepting and loving the idea.

That's all for now...but keep in mind the Maud Hart Lovelace Reading Challenge over at Library Hospital!  It's worth checking out...and do check out Betsy-Tacy and all of MHL's books!


Carrie said...

How dare you say things like, "Bacon Ranch Chicken" in the middle of a post. So distracting! ;)

Rebecca (RivkaBelle) said...

Somehow when I was reading through the series years ago, I missed Betsy and the Great World and skipped right to Betsy's Wedding! Now i'm wanting to go back and read them all...

Anonymous said...

Just ordered the first in this series from the library. Thanks for introducing it to my daughter and me.

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