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Monday, November 21, 2011

One Day at a Time...

Our little baby is a month old now.  We are doing okay.

Baby E sleeps little outside of our arms.  That means I sit on my bum most of the day holding her.  I have been watching an incredible amount of television.  (And typically I don't turn on the TV at all during the daytime for myself.)  Baby E has painful gas and reflux that makes her scream, especially during the evenings.  When she's not in pain, she still tends to be fussy, even in our arms.

We have tried four formulas.  (Yes, our daughter is bottle-fed.)  Regular.  Soy.  Gentlease.  And now a really expensive formula for colic.  She is also taking Zantac.  At the time of this writing we haven't been using the colic formula long enough to know if it will make a difference or not.  If not, we might discuss seeing a GI doctor for her.

We're thankful that she has at least one 2 hour stretch each night now.  For a long time I was sleeping for 20-45 minutes at a time...when I could actually sleep.

Big brother E and big sister M adore her.  M did ask a while back if we could have a yard sale.  When we inquired why, she wanted to sell Baby E.  When I said that wasn't possible she suggested selling her brother instead.
But really, they adore our baby.  So do I.

And yes, we have much to be grateful for, despite the lack of sleep and headaches.  Just think, by this age, both of our older children had been hospitalized!  (M for her heart problem and E because he was dehydrated.)

At some point, I'd love to create blogging names for my kids, especially since two of them are E.


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Colic is the worst! The only good thing about it is that it is temporary (even if it doesn't feel like it at the time). I'm adding you to my prayer list - that God will grant you an extra dose of patience and love. She is beautiful, though :)

Christy said...

I love the pictures. I hope the new formula helps and you get some sleep soon.

Miller Moments said...

Oh you poor thing! I remember those sleepless nights very well. My Kye had to be held all of the time too and would scream any time I put him down. My baby sling became my best friend. Praying that little E will soon find relief from her discomfort and then both of you can get a little more sleep! Hang in there!

Shonda said...

Oh, Annette! I am so sorry. I can totally relate. Jessna was not an easy baby and still isn't especially during feeding. I know that someday this will pass, but it's hard to enjoy a fussy baby. I pray that you will get some answers.

chris said...

Wishing you some more sleep and a happy tummy for your babe. I had two kiddos with reflux issues, and then when #4 had similar symptoms, we assumed it was reflux, too. It turned out she had a milk intolerance. Hang in there.

Ticia said...

Oh goodness me, I hope the new formula helps. I was very blessed that none of my kids had colic.

I'll be praying it gets better soon.

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