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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beach Fun

As part of our summer plans, we took the children to the beach.  Though M had been when she was nearly a year old, we had not been there since then.  M has asked to go many times, and was thrilled to be able to finally go.

We were pretty certain M would love the water.  She did.  We didn't know how E would respond.  To make sure he had a good time, we took a bulldozer toy along since he'd have a giant sandbox to use.  He enjoyed the water, but loved the sand even more.

Before we went, I printed some nice printables from Nick Jr.  (I shared about a file folder game for word families before based on their printables.  These printables are not linked with any characters if that is something you try to avoid.)  This time we printed a Wonder Pets Seashell Activity Pack.  They were all fun, but the pattern was the favorite!  It's definitely worth checking out before a beach trip.

The Atlantic Ocean is only two hours away, but we just aren't beach people.  I'm not a big sand fan...and I can barely swim.  My husband actually loves big waves, but it's still not a priority for him.  If you noticed the lack of waves in the photo, that is because we chose a location in Delaware without waves.  With all the New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware beaches within a short driving distance, we always choose Delaware, though I'm not sure why.


Miller Moments said...

We love the beach! Glad you made it over at least once this summer.

Carrie said...

Yeah, I'm not much of a beach person either...

Rachel said...

I just came back from a trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. For this Minnesota gal -- the beach at the ocean was amazing. So different than the beaches on the lakes up here. However, I'm laughing as I type this, I just laughed when I got home and found the layer of fine sand remaining in my suitcase. :)



Lisa said...

My kiddos are always begging to go to the beach. There are no beaches within a reasonable distance, though, so we've never been. I also can't swim, and sunburn almost instantly. I guess I'm not a very beachy person. ;)
We will go someday, for the kids.

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