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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where Did They Go?

In early July I went to a used book sale.  The cost was just $5 a bag.  I had two overflowing bags.  The loot is mostly (not all since some books I had already separated to share with others) pictured in the photo below.  I think I had at least 75 picture and chapter books...maybe 100.
Where did my books go?  I can't find them!  That's not true.  I know where a few of the titles are.  Before I "put them away" I had set aside a few of the books in our "read sometime soon pile" (for the kids or me) on the bookcase.  Maybe about 15 titles.  These were the Narnia (linked to post about them), Maud Hart Lovelace, Laura Ingalls Wilder-related, and a couple of others like Diggers and Dumptrucks. I found the holiday (Christmas and Thanksgiving) books in the basement.   Well, what happened to the others?  I just can't find them!!  My house is not so big that this should be a problem.  I suspect they are in the basement, but not where they "should" be.  It's rather frustrating.  (Last week I did go to the Goodwill where I get books for 3/$1 and bought about 20 books, but that doesn't really replace the others...I would have gone anyway.)

Click the picture above to see it in a larger format so you can read the titles.


Bluerose said...

LOL...I'm so glad I'm not the only one who loses things like that. (And I don't even have a basement)! More than once I've been reading a book, and just couldn't find it when I got ready to read again. I had to start another one!

Carrie said...

I'm trying not to be HORRIBLY JEALOUS about the Narnians book. OH OH OH

*simmering in jealousy*


What a great haul!

Debbie said...

I pray you find them. I hate loosing things but do it all to often because I have so much stuff everywhere. We cleaned and organized the basement this summer and that helped but I still have some organizing to do.

Annette W. said...

I thought I'd share that I did find my books! After days of looking in my closet, the spare room, and the basement, I did finally find them-in plain sight-in the basement. They just were not where I had looked before-or where they should have been!

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