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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where Did They Go?

In early July I went to a used book sale.  The cost was just $5 a bag.  I had two overflowing bags.  The loot is mostly (not all since some books I had already separated to share with others) pictured in the photo above.  I think  I had at least 75 picture and chapter books...maybe 100.

I had already set aside a few of the books in our "read sometime soon pile" on the bookcase.  I found the holiday (Christmas and Thanksgiving) books in the basement.  A few books were special to me were set on the bookshelf.  These were the Narnia (linked to post about them), Maud Hart Lovelace, Laura Ingalls Wilder-related, and a couple of others.  Well, what happened to the others?  I just can't find them!!  My house is not so big that this should be a problem.

Click the picture above to see it in a larger format.

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