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Monday, July 11, 2011

New York City Preparations

Our preparations for our recent visit to New York City probably began a couple years ago when I began reading to M about the Statue of Liberty.  Since we have family there, it was time for a visit!

1. First I wrote a few sentences for M to read.  Even if she was not reading, I may have still done this and read it to her.  She loved learning about the trip in this fashion.

Though M pretended to think about where we were going, I think she knew immediately!

2. Using handwriting paper, we made a list of who and what we wanted to see in NYC.  M then traced the letters.  Later I told her about how NYC is called the Big Apple.  She added to word apple to the her list...and spelled it correctly!

The Cricket in Times Square (Chester Cricket and His Friends)3. We began reading Cricket in Times Square before she knew of our visit.  It's a great book for preschoolers because most of the characters are animals, though intended for much older children.  The chapters are short, and include a full page illustration in each.  And of course, it introduces things about NYC!  (FYI, I recently learned this is part of a series!)

4. We read our favorite Statue of Liberty book.

connect_the_dots_game5. I found some great printables about the Statue of Liberty.  The dot-to-dot may have been M's favorite.  Here and here are some that are pretty awesome.

6.  Though not part of our preparations, the day after we returned home as part of our "recovery/rest" we watched The Muppets Take Manhattan.  We really like the Muppets around here!


Carrie said...

Oh, I LOVED the Muppets growing up! I haven't been able to convince my family of their merit and worth just yet though. Maybe someday...

Mom and Kiddo said...

I really like the idea of making sentences about the vacation destination. A guessing game from clues is always fun. Of course I might be biased since you visited NYC. :)

Jackie H. said...

What a fun way to use literacy to build excitement for your trip!!! We just finished up Bible School at our church and the theme was NYC so I'll have to check some of these out.

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