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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Handwriting Practice

Though M is nearly 5 (October!), her handwriting is still difficult to read, even when traced.  She has another year before kindergarten, but it is still important to practice writing on occasion.  Though she does like workbooks, real-life application is best for practicing.

M has a special little notebook.  One day she asked to make a list (similar to lists I've made for her to read at the grocery store) of some suggested words.  I wrote the list in yellow.  She traced the list using a blue marker.  It was fun for her to see the colors mix together to create green.

We also made a list in a similar manner when we were preparing for NYC.  This time, the list contained family members' names and special things about NYC that we already knew about.

Now I'm curious about other lists we can make.  Any suggestions?


Miller Moments said...

How about book lists for the library? If you read any series she could list them-like Clifford or Little Critters.

I love the idea of lists! My son, who is super organized, would love this!

Carrie said...

That's pretty good! Handwriting is not our specialty, genetically speaking. However, I still intend to have everyone work on it diligently. I think we can improve. =)

Christy said...

Great idea! What about number words? Would that interest her? or a list of family members (immediate and extended family)?

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