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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Name Snowman

See our name snowman!  It's a great preschool and early elementary craft!


Christy said...

So cute. I saw these yesterday too and bought everything to make them with my story hour group the end of this month.

Carrie said...

Cute idea! I'll have to tuck that one away for next year. And maybe next year it will really snow around these parts. Here's hoping!

Dorie said...

The snowmen turned out great!
I'm gonna have to look into Snowmen at Night. (We are in the middle of a winter unit and that would be a great book to add to it.)

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Very cute! We have Snowmen at Night, too, and read it yesterday.

Michelle said...

These are very cute, I will have to add them to my list of winter crafts to make with Emily.

Thank you for linking up to stART!!

Michelle said...

Very cute, visiting from stART. I'm always looking for fun snowmen crafts. We don't get a lot of snow where we live but we can always make indoor snowmen whenever we want.

RedTedArt said...

Oh very cute! I bet they loved their names on there and a great way to practice letters!

Would love for you to link up to Kids Get Crafty too - every Wednesday -


maggy, red ted art said...

(thank you :-))

Jenny said...


Jodie said...

Cute, I think we will do that today :)

Michelle said...

They turned out so cute, Annette - thanks so much for linking to me :-)

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

This post has so many wonderful ideas and has inspired me in my Tot School planning this month. I've featured you here:

I hope you'll stop by and grab a featured button. Have a great day!

Dala said...

I love this activity. I'm planning to do it with my own almost 2 year old and 3 year old tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

On a completely different note, I'd love to hear how your daughter's speech is now, at the age of 4? I think I read in a previous post that she has been diagnosed with apraxia.

My daughter (23 months) was just tentatively diagnosed with apraxia. I'd like to know what things might look like a couple of years from now.

I'm blogging here about it. My email is there too if you have time to talk about it. Thanks!

Mama Pea Pod said...

Very cute idea! Thanks for linking up to the 2011 Best Ideas for Kids blog hop!

Mommy Cameron | Raising the Cameron Clan said...

Cute idea! I will keep this in mind when we do our winter theme in a few weeks.

Stopping by from 2011 Best Ideas Blog Hop.

Mollie. said...

Fantastic idea, and so very cute! Thank you so much for posting the link...I'll have to give this a try with the littles in my life!

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