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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Reading Challenge

I decided to be part of another reading challenge and hope you, my readers, will not mind a few more book reviews!  I hope that if you read my blog regularly, you don't mind my love of books.


This challenge will fit in nicely with some of the books I already like to read-and listen to on audio.  It's the Reading the Classics 2011 Reading Challenge hosted by Butterfly Wishes and Wonderland Dreams.

I already plan to read more Lucy Maud Montgomery for that reading challenge.  Then this summer I will likely read another Narnia book for the Narnia Challenge along with more Maud Hart Lovelace for that challenge!  Some other "classics" I intend to read or listen to are Heidi, Black Beauty, Raggedy Ann (possibly as a read aloud), and possibly Pilgrim's Progress.

Can you tell I love children's books?  

The classics reading challenge will go on throughout the year; however if you sign up by the end of this week, you are eligible for prizes.  I'm all for that!


Tami said...

Hey blogger friend, I love your blog and I think you really deserve an award which is waiting for you at my blog! I am so happy I found you!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I, for one, enjoy your reviews, and the links to the challenges you keep up with :)

Laura Fabiani said...

Enjoy this challenge, Annette! I, too, am participating in challenges that will make me read books I love.

Carrie said...

Ooh. Raggedy Ann! What a fun idea! I'll particularly be on the lookout for your thoughts on that one! I haven't thought of her in a looong, long while.

butterfly wishes and wonderland dreams said...

thanks for joining in and I'm so with you on the childrens books I'm likely to read more childrens classics then adult :)

hopeinbrazil said...

Annette, I was glad to find your blog via the link at butterfly wishes and wonderland. I love the classics, but need a book challenge to keep me on track. =) Have you already read Pilgrim's Progress? It's one of the few books I've read more than five times. Love it!

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