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Monday, January 3, 2011

Book of Days

I just read an interesting book called Book of Days.  After losing both his father and wife, Cameron is confronted with his future and his past.  The problem is that he is slowing losing his mind.  His memory is failing him more and more each day...and he is very young.

Book of Days: A Novel  Cameron's father died from Alzheimer's, and before he dies tells Cameron that he will have the same fate, but there is a book out there that can cure him.  This is supposedly the Book of Days, a book written by the hand of God that tells your past and your future.  He goes on a mission to find it to the cozy, very private town of Three Peaks.  He asks his wife's best friend, Ann, to go with him.  Though they have not been civil to one another in years, he needs her experience as a reporter.  And she needs to go to Three Peaks for some personal reasons.

As they work together, they find dead ends everywhere.  Too many people want them to leave, and others who are searching for the same book for their own evil purposes.  Cameron and Ann continue to search for the Book of Days, despite difficulties.

I have to say, throughout this book I was thinking about how I wanted this book to end.  The Bible tells us that no one knows the day or time that Jesus will come back.  Obviously, that would be something that would happen in the future, and if the Book of Days was real, then it could foretell the future, including Jesus' return.

Author James L. Rubart wrote a good book.  His father died from Alzheimer's while he was writing it.  This book is inspired by his father and a verse.
Psalm 139:16~
 Your eyes saw my unformed body; 
all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

Book of Days was full of good, well-written suspense.  (It was not too predictable!)  I liked the book and appreciated how Rubart concluded the book.  I look forward to reading more of James L. Rubart!

Thank you, B&H Publishing for sending me an Advance Reader Copy for review purposes.

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