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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Playing School

Since M began school after her third birthday, she has enjoyed playing school, especially when she finds something suitable to be a pointer.  For over a year she has just pointed to blank wall space.  Not anymore!

On my rare (very rare) visit to Target this fall, I saw they had child-sized pointers in the dollar area.  I promptly picked one up for M and set it aside.

It was almost forgotten, until I awoke about 4:30 Christmas morning.  I did a google search of hundreds charts and alphabet charts and came up with some suitable charts.  (I wish I had a different font for the ABC's, but at that early hour in the morning I was not going to search out anything too special.  They are customizable fonts, too.)  I printed them out on some colorful paper and laminated them.   Before returning to bed, I placed them in her stocking.

I knew I'd wanted to do this for M for a really long time.  I thought I would get to the local-ish teacher store for a couple of charts, but am so glad I did not.  These 8 1/2x11 sized charts are perfect for play.  We are not homeschoolers, so we just use them for (purposeful) play.


Miller Moments said...

What a great mommy you are! And what a fabulous present. She's so cute!

Carrie said...

That's awesome! What a great idea. I LOVED playing school (and library) when I was little so I think that's perfect. Looks like she thinks so as well.

Shonda said...

Hi Annette- I'm not sure if you know or follow my other blog, but it's about learning with little ones. I know you have a little one just like me. Anyway, I've got lots of posts coming up this month and a giveaway soon. Playing school is fun!

Jennifer said...

You win Mom of the Year for getting up at 4:30 to print stuff to add to a Christmas stocking!!!

You rock!!

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