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Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome "Sign"

You might remember a few months ago I had a giveaway for Uppercase Living.  They offer high quality vinyl decor for your home-indoors and out.

When I offered the giveaway I didn't actually  have the opportunity to review any products, but eventually I did purchase two expressions myself, and I wanted to follow up on the original post.  In my kitchen it says "Bless This Home."  I chose a burgundy color that looks nice with my black appliances and dark countertops.

Where I live is very windy.  Without a front porch to lesson the wind, I'm not really comfortable hanging much on the front door, so I was really excited to get my "Welcome" expression to add a personal touch.

You can't really read it from the road though, but that's okay.  (I didn't want to order the next larger size.)  Maybe our neighbors just think the children drew on the door.

Because they did.  Well, a certain little girl did.  She saw it and promptly asked what it said.  Then she ran to get her chalk to add to the pretty door.  How can I blame her?  It's white on black!  I'm happy to say she wiped off the chalk very easily when asked to.

I purchased my Uppercase Living products and was not paid for sharing my thoughts on this product that I like.


Carrie said...

I love the sign and I love your house!!!

Dorie said...

The 'Welcome' on the door is a very neat idea, and the chalk mark made me giggle!

Miller Moments said...

Your house is BEAUTIFUL!!!! And your door is so welcoming. :) Even with the little chalk mark!

"FAITH" said...

Love the sign. What a great alternative to putting something out there that could get blown away. I'll have to keep something like that in mind.

Lisa said...

I love that!

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