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Friday, October 15, 2010

Phonics Flip Book

Ages ago I saw a phonics flip book over at Activity Mom.  I made one for M thinking it was appropriate since she knew all of her sounds.  (I say she knows all of her sounds, but really she knows typical consonant and short vowel sounds.  At this point I don't think she needs more than that.)

Well, M was totally disinterested.  I put it away for several months.  And now both she and E are a bit interested in it.  Maybe I should share that this is minimal interest.  She'll read a few words and E likes to flip pages and say letters.

I cut a spiral bound 3x5 booklet into thirds.  Consonants are placed on the first and third sections, and I wrote vowels in the center section.  (I repeated the vowels several times.)

It's fun to read familiar words, but it can be more fun to say the silly words.

I think a phonics flip book is fabulous for a beginning reader.


Dorie said...

That's a great idea for learning letters/sounds and having fun putting them all together.
Thanks for sharing.

Miller Moments said...

Great Idea!!!

Carrie said...

THAT is a FABULOUS idea and I bet Bookworm1 would absolutely go for that! Esp. the silly words. If i called it a silly word book we'd probably make excellent use out of it.

I'm going to do that! That is a fantastic idea and, I think, perfect for where we are!

Sunday Kofffon Taylor said...

I love it! I will help my 5 year old make her own, she is more interested in writing than reading.

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