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Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Deals

I shop clearance racks. It's just how I shop. JC Penney is the store I probably frequent the most, followed by Boscov's. However, I only go a couple times a year. Earlier this week I took my gift card and enjoyed some shopping in the petite department at JC Penney. THIS IS THE TIME TO SHOP! The fall and winter clothes just went on clearance, so the prices are incredibly cheap and there is a good selection! I never get there when there is a good selection!
How good are the prices? I bought five items, and they averaged $11 each. Since I was shopping in Delaware, it was tax free, too! The sad part? I may need to hem the skirt. It may look a little nicer if it were an inch or two shorter. It's a shame when petite just isn't short enough!
Tonight I went grocery shopping at a store in a different town than usual (and's in Maryland-we live in PA). I had to drop off books at the library, so for convenience sake, I stopped at this grocery store that I don't prefer. (It's actually a very lovely grocery store, but their prices run higher than the store I frequent.) I hit the jackpot though! They had a Penn State items on clearance. They were ridiculously priced, so I bought more than I had intentions to use/give. By the time I got home, I was bursting with excitement and couldn't wait to show Derek. (Despite my excitement, I am not the Penn Stater. I just married one...and may be the mom to one someday.) I also had new uses for them. And my Christmas 2010 shopping has begun!
So this tub (plastic) cost just $2.50! The children are not for sale.
What would you do with it other than store it in the basement for a party? Right now E is loving caring it around and getting in and out of it. I thought we could also store toys in it.
I bought five tubs!! I had a sixth one in my hand, but another shopper took the last (seventh) one, so I offered him the one in my hand, and he accepted it.


Chels said...

I have tubs just like that! I use a blue snowman one in the winter for shoes by the front door and an orange one in the summer. I also have some for the small outside toys on our patio. Your idea for using them for toys indoors is great. You could always hot glue something around the middle to cover the writing. Like felt shapes or strips or big ribbon.

Ticia said...

Amen to the clearance rack! I shop Children's Place clearance stuff, it's great.

Cindy said...

Penneys always has the best clearance. I better get there. Score on the Penn State stuff.

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