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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anne's House of Dreams~ LMMontgomery Challenge

I'm pleased to say that I have completed another Anne book for the L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge.

Anne's House of Dreams was quite lovely.  In this book there was much to read and enjoy.  I wondered if the storyline would continue to be as endearing as the earlier books in the Anne of Green Gables series, and I must say, this might be my favorite!  The passages were descriptive, the characters real, and my spirit lifted as I read it.

Annes House of Dreams"I see happiness for all of you.......  Happiness for you all-though, mind you, I reckon, you'll have your troubles and worries and sorrows, too.  They're bound to come-and no house, whether it's a palace or a little house of dreams can bar 'em out.  But they won't get the better of you if you face 'em together  with love and trust.  You can weather any storm with them two for compass and pilot." ~ Captain Jim (from Anne's House of Dreams page 214)

Despite what I said above, I read with teary eyes more than once.  As I reading this book, I thoroughly enjoyed Anne finding friendship and love with those near her in her new home as a new bride.  She faced sorrow and trouble, along with happiness at the core.  The above quote touched me as I was finishing Anne's House of Dreams.

The books in this series are considered to be children's books, according to libraries.  I don't think I would have appreciated Anne's House of Dreams as a child or teenager.  However, I certainly relate to it now and truly appreciate it.  Anne is a grown woman and married.

I have actually borrowed two more books of Lucy Maud Montgomery's from the library.  Though they sit on my dresser, I have decided I am enjoying this time in Anne's life so much that I want to go on to book 6: Anne of Ingleside from my personal collection (newly added at Christmas) to continue on with the LMM Challenge over at Reading to Know.


Carrie said...

I'm working my way (slowly) through the series again. It's been awhile since I've read them straight through and I want to relax and enjoy them so I'm probably not going to complete them during this particular challenge, but we'll see. I'm in the middle of Anne of Avonlea.

It's been awhile since I've read Anne's House of Dreams but I would agree with you that this one is not really a children's book (but Montgomery never really meant them to be branded that) and much more suitable (and meant to be appreciated) by adults.

So glad you are making such headway this month with Anne! I'm envious!

Barbara H. said...

I read the whole series for the first time years ago, and that book was one of my favorites as well. I just reread the first book and want to work my way through the series again.

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