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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Teacher Gifts

So I just realized that M now has
  1. a teacher
  2. an aide
  3. an SLP
  4. a bus driver
  5. a bus aide
  6. Sunday school teacher

WOW! Now, as a former teacher I really appreciated Christmas gifts from my students. My favorites were not "teachery" but things like Christmas ornaments, lotions, and candles. I also loved books for my classroom. The best were the little gifts the children choose for me themselves. (I still use a bookmark from Claire on a regular basis.)

It is very, very strange to be on the parent side of education. I really don't know the personalities of any of these influential people in her life except her Sunday school teacher. (Or their health concerns. Hopefully with my plans they aren't on low fat, low sugar diets.)

I'd like to make (sew?) stuff, but I'm just not sure what would be appropriate. The bigger issue is what I have the time to make! I still want to do create some things for my own family, and I am not sure that I will get much of it completed. I guess I better get to work. But first I need some better ideas. Right now all I can think to do is a chocolate chip cookie pie and a homemade bookmark. Maybe we'll do those two items with a book for the classroom, too, for the teacher and SLP. Is it lame?

I don't like Christmas to be about the gifts, yet I like to give. Oh, and I tend to be frugal.(You can say cheap). Somewhere there is a balance! Last year M made pasta necklaces for some special ladies in her life. I'd like for her to be involved in the gift making process somehow, and the chocolate chip cookie pie is an easy way to do that. It's an easy recipe, and she can easily help.

What do you do for the teachers and such in your child's life? Do you have any suggestions for me? (I know gift cards would be appreciated, but I don't prefer to give them.) Any ideas for gifts that M could help make (other than food)?

Would you please forgive me for posting about Christmas (again) before Thanksgiving? It's the handmade thing that makes planning necessary. (Or at least I can tell myself that. In reality, I try to buy Christmas gifts year round. The earliest I've ever been done Christmas shopping was when I was in college. I finished in October once. Now that I have children, shopping doesn't happen often.)

You can also check out my handmade gift plans. We'll see what I have time for.

Let me know your ideas for handmade items or teacher gifts!

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The Activity Mom said...

They have really cool travel coffee mugs at the dollar tree right now that you could take the sleeve out of and personalize in some way.
I got this idea from another blog and B is going to do it for his grandparents. I asked him some questions about that special person (Grandma is... Grandma likes... My favorite thing about Grandma is... etc.) and I'm going to type them on a bookmark with their picture and laminate.
Good luck =)I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Lisa said...

I second the coffee mug idea. I've had my son do these several times, and they're always appreciated.

Also, what about tracing a cooking cutter onto some felt, glueing two pieces together, (or sewing, if you have time,) and letting her decorate them with sequins, fabric paint, or beads. You could sort of assembly line these ornaments, do they'd go pretty fast. Also, they'd be cheap, and sweet.

Ticia said...

I like the felt otnament idea from Lisa.
I also like your bookmark and book idea

The girl who painted trees said...

An ornament is always appreciated. I personally cringed every time my students brought me food as gifts. I like a long lasting gift better. A bookmark is also great. My two favorite gifts I ever got were a mosaic bottle. The mom had the little boy press the glass squares and triangles into the grout she'd spread on the square bottle. The second was a square container in which my daughter now keeps her toothbrush. The little girl used glass paint or some sort of puffy paint to paint the glass container.
I still have some homemade Christmas cards from my students as well.

Christy said...

I always give gift cards to the local coffee shop. The only reason I don't give edible gifts is because I remember that when I was a teacher, I threw away every single edible thing that was ever given to me by students. Horrible? I taught 8th grade and I wasn't taking any chances.

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  • Homemade Magic Shell - I remember having Magic Shell once as a child. The chocolate syrup drizzled over my ice cream magically turned crispy hard. Mmm... Please note: If you are ...

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