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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

School Projects

M attends a speech and language classroom. Their main objective is speech, not art. Last spring I began doing crafts with M on a regular basis, so I have not been too impressed with the crafts that she has brought home from school, though I remind myself that what we did was one on one. Most are crafts are pictures colored with crayons, cut by an adult (which is fine), and glued. However, this past week M brought home two cute projects, and I thought I'd share. I think this scarecrow is adorable! It's covered in short bits of yarn. The yarn adds lots of color and texture. I thought it was pretty clever.
This little project is a new twist (for me). It could be used for any song that is a "Five Little...(turkeys, monkeys, apples, frogs) song. Instead of making finger puppets for real fingers, the little turkeys were placed on a paper hand that has a "bracelet" to help a child keep it on his or her hand. During the song, M easily bent each paper finger down and was able to hold it down until the end of the song. M's teacher does send home songs and poems to read with the children at home that are often related to the craft.


Miller Moments said...

How cute! I especially like the scarecrow.

The Activity Mom said...

both are very cute!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Nice crafts. Anna does a lot of crafts in school too, since we chose a play-based preschool that is all about crafts, music and play. My absolute favorite so far was a pinecone turkey - really neat.

Ticia said...

I like that idea for the 5 little.... There are so many great versions of that rhyme and this is a good variation.

Katie said...

I do like this craft, it is a nice way to use computer graphics to use. I am surprised that the program doesn't do more age appropriate experienced based art projects. It seems that your SPL team is not that into arts and crafts because our SPL person did awesome art projects and they all incorporated speech so that it was still the main focus and not the art projects which still came out really well. I used to tell her to warn me when they were doing something fabulous so I wouldn't send anything home with my kids who had speech. Didn't want my stuff compared with hers:)

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