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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Behavior Chart

Last Thursday when M had a second day in a row of some small, but irritating behavior problems, I decided to start a behavior chart. The are not all big problems, nor are they all daily problems. I wanted to include some easier things that she was more likely to have success.
The chart addresses a few issues.

  • brushing hair (She has long hair. She tends to put up a fuss when it's brushed.)

  • bus (Two days in a row last week she went to the back of the bus instead of getting off it.)

  • nap time (She will put up a fuss, run away, and anything else she can think of to delay it.)

  • eat dinner (A few days before the chart started, she started eating better.)

  • bed time (Same as nap time problems.)
The chart does not have days of the week. I just wanted it to be a simple chart.
M's response: At first she was indifferent, even saying no to stickers she earned. Now she loves it and is earning a lot of stickers daily. "Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy!" has been said about getting a sticker.
My response: I think this was a good tool to get M involved in thinking about her behavior. However, I think M is strong willed enough that the stickers don't really motivate her. If she doesn't want to do something, a reward won't matter. (Dessert doesn't even entice her if she doesn't want to eat dinner.)


Christy said...

C is strong willed like that. So challenging. I like your chart.

Lisa said...

We've tried similar charts for L, but as you said, he isn't particularly motivated by them, even if we attach a reward for getting x amount of stickers.
I wish I could could ever figure out the right "carrot" for L. Usually "sticks" (negative consequences,) don't have much effect either...

Ticia said...

I might need to try this with Princess some time, she's the same way if she's not interested in eating dinner the idea of dessert doesn't change her mind.

Jenny said...

Brushing hair would have to go on our behavior chart, too! :) Sissy would probably be very receptive to a chart with Dora and Diego.

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