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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Helper

The Bumbo Seat It holds my son, It's lots of fun. It's the color blue, It can help you! It doesn't weigh much, And it can stand up to mulch. Hair cuts, gardens, Laundry, and more. This is my friend, We could even take it to the shore! (Seriously. I thought E was basically done with this seat once he could sit up. It can be used from the time that a baby can hold his head up. Instead we have found great use for it now that he doesn't sit still! He gets his hair cuts in it. It's nice and easy to take it outside...much easier than the Exersaucer! It also cleans up very easily. We didn't have it with M, and we wouldn't have gotten one for ourselves...this is a hand-me-down, but it'd be worth the investment too. M sits in it too, but not for long. I suspect E will soon pop himself out of the Bumbo, but in the mean time I just have to make sure he doesn't eat the grass that's within reach.)


Rachel said...

Nifty! =:D We used to put the boys in their highchairs for things like that. Ha Ha, I like your poem/rhyme! =;)


Life by the Handful said...

I have never had one of these with my first five, but the other day we used one at a restaurant for Vance and I was super impressed. I think for baby #6 I will make the investment. BTW, the new baby is due in December. I'm 20 weeks today. Half way there!

Mama Mel said...

I love your little poem! So cute! I actually had this same one for my son. He used it for 2 months before his legs got too chunky for it. Seriously, his legs would get stuck in it since he was such a chunk! It took both my hubby and I to get him out! LOL! I did love the Bumbo while he used it. Now we use the highchair for everything. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and entering my first giveaway! :) Have a great day!

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