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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DIY: Personalized Name Stamp

We made a name stamp. It's just another way to have fun with letters and recognize a child's name. An older child might enjoy making unique "stationary" without the help of a computer. Materials Needed: wooden blocks scrap foam with sticky back exacto knife and mat (or cardboard) pen or marker On the white paper backside (NOT the foam) write letters or numbers. I just used a pen. Though it didn't leave ink on the paper, it left an impression that I could see. When you look at the foam, the letters will be reversed. This is necessary for the stamp. Cut out the letters and/or shapes. Place them on the wooden blocks in the reverse order. The shape stamps are about three inches tall. It was a good length for little hands.
If you have a large ink pad that would be nice and simple. I used a folded paper towel covered thinly with washable paint. A plastic lid is under it (for protection).
The blue on blue turned out well. I noticed the foam doesn't hold a lot of paint, so the stamps are rather light, but still leaves a nice picture behind.
This is fairly simple to make. If you don't have access to wood scraps, I'm sure a small sturdy box or glued together cardboard would work too. In the past I used a wooden ABC block from the toy chest. The paint absorbs into the wood, though, so I don't recommend that. :)


~Sandy~ said...

This is really neat!!!! Great idea:) (((hugs)))Sandy

Jennifer said...

Great idea! I really like that!

Eva said...

This is super cool :D I'm so eager to try it out, I know my daughter will love it

PS: I gave you an award at my blog :)

Brimful Curiosities said...

Your name stamps are neat. Could easily make personalized note paper with them.

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