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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Freezer Organization

The talk over at ABC and 123 is organization. Most parents are probably going to address toy storage and such. I do not feel I can talk on that. Our toy room is overflowing, though I know the importance of rotating toys. I even do it. A little. We buy meat when it's cheap. Just this week we spent $40 on meat because the prices were right. Derek went grocery shopping and came home with lots of chicken breast, pork chops, steaks, hot dogs (not my favorite), and sausage. Buying large quantities is great, but we only have one freezer; it's part of the side by side fridge we have. I also hope to freeze some corn from the garden later this summer and applesauce in the fall. All this means that I need to have a way to store it. I am not an organized person. I have learned two tricks for the freezer though. When we buy ground beef or turkey, we put it into a labeled zipper-type quart sized freezer bags. I try to approximate a pound per bag. Then I mostly close the zipper and squeeze out the air. The key to taking up less room in the freezer is making the meat flat. Just spread it out in the bag, seal, and then place it flat in the freezer. Once it is frozen you can make it stand on it's side! Then it's like a little library in your freezer. (Of course mine doesn't look like a library, but it could!) The other tip I've just recently put into practice is for pork chops or chicken breasts. Place two of them in a labeled zipper quart-sized bag. Put the chops or breasts on opposite sides of the bag and remove the extra air. Seal the bag! By separating the meat, it will thaw faster! Check out other great organization tips. I hope I learn something to put into practice today. My whole house could use an organization makeover! And if you have children, check out ABC and 123! It's worth a visit!


Rachel said...

That's great Mrs. Whipple! It's so nice to have meat in the freezer all ready and organized! It makes meal planning/cooking meals sooo much easier! =:D Thanks for sharing your tips! That's how we package our ground meat too!

Blessings in Christ!

L2L said...

Thanks for droping in!!! We are a homeschooling family and I came up with my blog name as it represents why we homeschool, If you learn to love the Lord, you will love to learn about Him and all things will be added!!! A little know fact about me is that when I was in the military I began my studies in education but realized very quickly that although I love teaching the public school system was not for me and am very blessed that God has given me 3 of the very best students I could ever dream to have!!!! I look forward to seeing your blog grow, I love the puzzle idea and am going to use that very soon with CJ!!!

Diana said...

I repackage my meat and put it in freezer bags, too. I didn't think to freeze the pork and chicken side by side, so I will have to try that next time there's a great meat sale. Thanks for the tips!

MoziEsmé said...

Great ideas! I've been thinking of doing something similar with the berries I've been freezing - reserving a flat spot to do the initial freezing, and then once it's frozen I can store it upright...

The Harris Family said...

Great tips! I have been wanting to buy more meat in bulk but didn't know how to store it in a small space. Thanks so much, this really solves my problem!

Thoughts of "FAITH" said...

Sounds like some great ideas. I will have to try them. I can always use more organization.

Joanne said...

Hello, Annette -- I'm writing this on the most recent post on your blog, although it is not related to the topic. I read a comment on Sheila DeChantal's blog about looking for new authors. Have you read any books by Kaye Dacus? She writes Christian fiction, and she has a book called Ransome's Honor that is in the style and tradition of Jane Austen. You can explore her books at

Little Nut Tree said...

Loving the idea of a little library in the freezer. Then the inside of my freezer can match my living room! :-)

Yes I've tried organising the freezer in various ways. I had labels on the drawers for a while - you know, "fish and prepared meals" "veg and fruit" etc, but found that didn't work because the drawers would get full and you'd end up with fruit in the meat drawer and not remember where you'd put it later. The list works well, and it's good if you've forgotten to label one of the bags or pots too!

Anonymous said...

Your message, simply charm

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