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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Fun

We recently learned how fun it is to use backyard swing sets in the winter!  
The slide is so slippery! 
(Let the children remove the snow themselves!)
 The landing is soft!
My husband actually built our swing set himself.  We purchased the hardware, plans, and lumber from a local store.  If you  have a handy husband, it is very rewarding to do it yourself, if not purchasing it works, too, to get the kids outside to play!  (Of course, YOU might be handy instead of your husband.)  

It took Derek over a month to put it together, but it was well worth it (and significantly cheaper).

Be on the lookout for a review from the popular CSN Stores.  I'm quite excited to go shopping, though it's always tough for me to decide upon what to get.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Snow with a slide is that much better. My kids would be envious.

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