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Monday, February 7, 2011

Printable Valentines!

I was absolutely thrilled to see a post at The Long Thread today highlighting 35 FREE Printable Valentines!  I am certainly not capable of any digital fun such as these, but I can certainly press "print!"

Looking through the bunch, I selected a handful that I thought might interest M to share with her preschool class.  These were her top three, though I think she had a bit of a tough time narrowing them down.

I was really quite excited that these three (especially the zebras) made it into her top choices.
free valentines
Zebra Valentine's Day Cards
You can find all of these at the link above, but here they are specifically, left to right.

I found one for my husband, too!
These SUPER Valentines are at Hotcakes.  Her son designed them!!  They were quite the hit with M, but didn't quite make the cut.
No worries on spoiling the surprise for my husband.  He doesn't read this blog, though he does read our family blog faithfully.  

I don't like buying things with licensed characters for the most part and almost every box at the local drugstore is a licensed character.  The other problem with going to the local store is that I would go without M and pick something for her.  She'd be excited for whatever I would choose, but it's so much better to give her the choices and let her pick.  If we were to go together to the store she would like something like Bratz or Spongebob...shows we do not watch.  Okay, I will admit it.  She would likely choose Toy Story or Cars, which would be appropriate, but aren't these printables fun!

 (We do buy books and DVDs though and have plenty of licensed toys...I just try not to purchase them myself.  Am I the only one like this?  Probably.)

M's first choice is actually the pink printables above!  Very feminine and fun!  I think it was the ice cream that convinced her!

What about you?  Will you be making, printing, or buying Valentines?  Don't forget to have that preschooler practice writing or tracing their name!  (In her class last year M was only one of two children who did that!  It's great fun, too, to make the cards personal!)

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