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Monday, October 24, 2011

Keeping It Simple

We tend to have low-key birthdays around here.  As of now, the children haven't truly had a birthday party where they invite friends, though last year when we were visiting family in October (the month of both M and E's birthdays...and likely this baby's, too) so we had a big family party at a local park.

This year was especially low-key since no grandparents were with us to celebrate M's fifth birthday.  It was the four of us.  Being two days from my due date (kind of like when E was due on M's birthday...but that year we had company for her birthday) I needed to keep things simple.

For decorations, we made a balloon banner.  
 I simply took a threaded needle through the tips of the balloons.
(Not our first balloon banner, but I love the simplicity of this one!  Inspired from here.)
Above M's seat at the kitchen table, we also hung some balloons.  In the past, we've always tied helium balloons to the birthday child's seat...but I love how this looks.
 M was able to choose her own birthday dinner.  Funny, I don't think she has a clue that some people eat McDonald's when they are not traveling.  Had she, though, we would have done it.  Notice that it is meatless. Chocolate milk is our birthday drink of choice around here.  Posting the menu in the kitchen was a big hit.
 I made her cake.  It wasn't pretty (mine never are), but she loved it.  It had a heart with a "5" in the center.
Our gifts were also simple, but she loved them.  
I can't believe she is five years old!  E will have his own turn for a celebration very soon!  It will be much the same as M's, though we'll likely have at least some family around if the baby has been born.

My husband and I were very grateful that we were able to be home (and not at the hospital having baby #3) to celebrate the big occasion!  


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

We used to do big birthday bashes with friends and family when our older children were younger, but once we discovered how much more enjoyable a simple, at home, just family party could be, we never looked back. I love the balloon banner! Happy birthday to M :)

Ticia said...

I go back and forth on the whole birthday thing. I like both versions.

Carrie said...

For the record, our 5 year old (gasp) also requested mac 'n' cheese and apple slices for his birthday. I thought of you and M! =)

Miller Moments said...

What a lovely girl she is growing up to be! I can't believe she is already 5. Happy Birthday M!

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