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Monday, September 19, 2011

Simple Birthday Decorations

This past weekend we celebrated the 60th birthday of Derek's mom.  It was a low-key surprise party, with mostly family and just a few friends as guests.  But it still celebrated Janice!

We hung sixty balloons through the dining room and living room.  Many of the balloons were split between two balloon banners.  (See inspiration photo/directions here.)  Instead of using tape or glue dots, these balloons were tied to the ribbon with thread.
 We also saw another neat idea of hanging balloons from the ceiling to make them look like they were floating in the air like helium balloons...without the helium.  Each of the balloons below had a thread tied to them.  However, the person hanging the balloons didn't know the idea behind the thread, and just hung them.  I thought it still looked fun!
Depending on when the baby arrives (due within days of both M and E's birthdays), I would enjoy doing something like these simple decorations for them, too.  We'll see what the reality is.  I certainly don't have air in me to blow balloons though!

It was a fun party, and most importantly a good way to celebrate a great woman.


Ticia said...

That's where you draft your husband for the blowing up :)

Dorie said...

Love these ideas for hanging balloons - I'm thinking my youngest would get a kick out balloons hung from the ceiling.

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