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Friday, March 11, 2011

Let It Snow Preschool Craft

Age 4 on left - Age 2 on right
(This snow-filled post was actually written about a  month ago!  I had forgotten to post it!  I know many are out there looking for spring crafts, but for many snow is still a reality.  So I'm sharing.)

We have had way too many snow days with M home from preschool.  The good news is that snow days motivate me to craft with the kids.  Unfortunately, snow seems to be my main (only?) inspiration.  

We made these snowy pictures using paper reinforcements to show the snow falling.  We used basic shapes to make houses and trees and ripped paper to make snow drifts.  My 4 year old, M, cut most of her own shapes after I drew the outlines.

My younger child's house looks more like a house because my 4 year old wanted her roof in the air.  She was  aware that the roof belonged on the house because she asked me if she could put it where she did instead of on the purple square.  I helped my 2 year old son, E, by assigning a name (roof, window, door) and asking him where the pieces should go.

We may pull out the paper reinforcements later this year for bubble pictures since my snow was convinced they were bubbles, and not snow. 


Dorie said...

Using the paper hole reinforcers for snow (and later for bubbles) is a great idea! The pictures look adorable. I like the shapes you cut for the houses and trees.

Shonda said...

I love it!

jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa said...

Great use of the paper hole reinforcers! And I love that roof up in the air. Shows a bit of a free spirit. :)

We already have great spring weather here in South Texas. But we actually got to experience a real snow day this year!

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