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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Colonial Maryland...

Historical fiction has been bringing the past to life for me.  I have been learning so much and loving it!  Well-written historical fiction share incredible insight into the language, dress, culture, and specifics about the setting.

Before author Roseanna White's second book was even published, I wanted to read it.  By reading her blog, I had a taste of her writing, research, and most of all, her passion.  In fact, I chose that (her second) book, Jewel of Persia for the on-line book club next year!

I happened to have won a copy of Roseanna's latest book from Colonial Quills upon its release date earlier this month.  I was thrilled to finally read one of her published books.

The funny thing is that it is a romance.

Typically, I don't mind romantic elements within a book, but tend to avoid romance novels.  Something that I noticed for myself is that sometimes I take away unrealistic expectations from some romance novels (and this includes Christian historical romance), so I tend to shy away from them.  Based on knowing Roseanna from her blog (and just recently from Facebook, too) I knew that Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland would be a solid work of art...a book full of historical facts hidden within...a highly developed, well-written book.

I was not disappointed!  I absolutely loved Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland.

Lark finds her betrothal, Emerson, of two years (shocking for the day) in a compromising situation.  Needing to get away, she flees to Annapolis, Maryland to stay with the family of her brother's friend-complete strangers-with intentions for staying for months.  Lark quickly becomes best of friends with the family, especially their daughter Sena.  Sena's circle of friends open Lark's eyes to all that she has taken for granted and been sheltered from in the past.  She begins to look deeper within to examine herself.
"Never in her life had Lark felt so utterly selfish.   She didn't even know with whom her father dealt in business, much less whether all his  transactions were fair.  She only had an academic knowledge of the less fortunate in Williamsburg, recognized only the poor who sold her goods.
Now everywhere she turned, she was faced with realities she had either ignored or been unaware of.  Slave auctions and outcasts, ostracized Tories and social rebels.
And where did she fit in all this?  Where did her problems with Emerson rank on this scale of desperation?" 
Emerson learns of Lark's location and goes to her and remains in Annapolis since she will not return to Williamsburg.  He attempts to win her heart by remaining in Annapolis and spending time with her...finally getting to know Lark.

Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland  is a great book.  It offers insight into colonial life in Annapolis when it was our country's capitol and how snow nearly destroyed our independence as a country.  (Read Roseanna's thoughts here.)  The reader meets some of our founding fathers, though they are not main characters and Tories, too.  All of this fabulous history is interwoven through a not-your-standard-romance. I definitely recommend it!

Roseanna is offering the Great Annapolis Giveaway with all sorts of colonial goodies.  Round one ends today.  There will be another chance to win in February, so be sure to check it out!  While you are there be sure to get a taste of colonial times and Roseanna's writing by exploring a bit!


Roseanna White said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, Annette! Thanks bunches for posting your review. =)

Cece said...

I'm always looking for a new read- this looks like a good one! Thanks

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