Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring and Easter Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers

Happy spring!!  We have a few spring crafts from the past that I thought I would share with you now that I have all of our snow crafts shared!

We love the Resurrection Eggs that we made!  Included is also a printable for you!  (Also available for purchase, but we enjoyed making them.)  Last year M was 3 and was able to use the eggs to tell the story of Jesus death and resurrection.
A simple preschool rainbow craft, or you can take it a step further by including God's promises on each strip like discussed here.  In fact, we may do this activity again this year and include God's promises.  (We didn't previously when M was three years old.)  I was also thinking this could be turned into a name craft.
Colored pasta necklaces would be great gift for Mother's Day!
Button eggs are fun!  For a younger child you may want to leave off the ric rac stripes.


  1. We put together our own eggs for following along with Benjamin's Box. I like the idea of putting them in a real egg container though. That's more organized than we were about it. =)

  2. I have used the Resurrection Eggs with my K students for years and I will be doing that with my son soon. I love the button eggs!

  3. I"m trying to gather supplies for Resurrection eggs for our MOPS group, that's a lot of stuff......

  4. The rainbow pudding is such a fun idea!

    I'm going to check out the link. I'd never thought to make a set of Res. eggs. Neat!


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