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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paper Dolls

One day we were reading a Little House picture book based on the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  To be honest, I am not sure which book it was, but I think it was Winter Days in the Big Woods.

Just as Ma cut out paper dolls for her girls, I was inspired.  Last year, I found all sorts of vintage paper doll books at the thrift store.  Yes, the price tag on that Daisy book says fifty-five cents!

Not knowing if M, age 4 would appreciate that adorable Daisy doll and not wanting to cut a beautiful vintage book, I made a colored copy of just two pages.  I printed Daisy on cardstock, but the clothing is just on regular paper so that M could work with them easily.

M was so excited as I was cutting out the dolls.  She knew immediately that they were paper dolls like Laura and Mary's.

These dolls were used well for only about a day.  I probably should encourage her to use them again, or use some of the other pages from the Daisy book.  Maybe we'll do that today!

They are so cute!  In one outfit, she is using an artist's palette.  In another she has a kitty in her apron.  Just like Laura and Mary, she even uses a candle!

Maybe you are more creative and could draw your own for your child.  I think it'd be fun to create outfits out of scrapbook paper or wallpaper.

~Please know that I do not know if this is a violation of the copyright of this book.  Yes, it's out of print, and this was just for personal use.  I just wanted to make sure I shared that, in case you considered doing the same thing.~

We really enjoy the Little House series.  If you peek at my book list of the books I'm reading/listening to this year, then you know that we've been listening to the chapter books.  I really appreciate them, but the picture books are perfect for a four year old!  I highly recommend checking your library, bookstore, or Amazon for the My First Little House picture books!

Check out these great blogs for other inspiration!  Though this is not a true craft, it does let my little girl use her imagination!
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Dorie said...

The Daisy paper dolls are adorable ~ the variety of dresses and that hat! From time to time, our girls enjoy playing with paper dolls, especially when one of their grandmas plays with them :-)

Christy Killoran said...

What sweet paper dolls!

So far, I love the My First Little House picture books more than R does, so I'm going to try them again in a few months.

Carrie said...

I can't wait to get to this stage! =)

Ticia said...

I don't believe that would be a copyright violation. You're not sharing it with anyone, and it's still for personal use. It'd be a copyright violation if you were selling it as your own, or if you were sharing it again without giving who made it.

And, those are the cutest dolls ever.

The girl who painted trees said...

I've been wanting to get bear some paper dolls since she loves the Little House books. I've read them all to her (except the very last one about her married life because it is a bit too depressing) and now we are on the Rose books, the books about Laura's daughter. Your vintage paper dolls are beautiful.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I remember having paper dolls just like these.

Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

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