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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Big Book of Exclamations

A number of books help to encourage speech in young children (click for my recent recommendations) and many, many books can be used to help a child make sounds, but The Big Book of Exclamations is an incredible book with the soul purpose of encouraging and facilitating speech!  Author Teri Kaminski-Peterson is a practicing board-certified speech pathologist, and her love for her work shows in this book.  It's not just for children with speech problems, but for all children who are learning to talk and talkers, too!

If you have have been reading this blog for any length of time, you probably already know that my 3 year old has a speech disorder called apraxia.  She now speaks in short sentences, but she was nearly 2 1/2 before she could really communicate much with words.  I share this to let you know that I speak as an experienced mom in the speech world.  Like many other parents who have concerns for their child, we have learned (from great SLP and special education teacher) how to help our daughter and have our own therapy at home.  

The Big Book of Exclamations is purposefully designed to promote speech and language through imitations of sounds, gestures, and words.  The description from The Big Book of Exclamations website says it best, "The Big Book of Exclamations is an educational children's book designed to promote speech sound development, and imitation of gestures, sounds, and words. Unlike most books, it doesn't have a story to read. Instead, along the bottom of each page, there are prompts which teach parents/caregivers how to act out the illustrations and interact with children using gestures, sounds, and words. This twenty-four page book is also filled with information intended to help parents understand speech and language development, and also provides resources for those seeking advice."  

Each set of pages is beautifully illustrated with the highest detail.  A child who likes to examine picture books will really enjoy this book!  From the missing sock to the steaming tea kettle to the overflowing tub, the pictures illustrate familiar objects in familiar settings like home and the park.  On each set of pages there are exclamations written (stop, sh-sh-shhh!, oh oh, up up up, whoops!,  bzzzz, weeee! and many more), but the paragraph is not to be read to the child.  Instead, the adult uses it as a guide to use motions, sounds, and words to encourage your child to do the same.  You can view a set of pages and the guide for yourself.  

The Big Book of Exclamations begins with waking up in the child's bedroom, goes to a scene at the breakfast table, preparing to leave, the park, bath time, bedtime, and ends with the family saying good bye to the reader.  You get a good feel for this family...and the fun and craziness they experience in their day to day lives.

I definitely recommend this book.  It provides a child lots of detailed illustrations and gives parents a "script" to help them encourage their young child to talk.  I wish we had had it a year ago for our daughter.  She enjoys it now, but doesn't "need" it now.  We do use it with our son, age 1, though he does not sit for the whole book.  I also want to add that this book is designed for children who are just beginning to speak, as evidenced in the words cited above.  Children of various ages will have fun with this book, but a regular developing 2 year old may not be able to use this for speech needs the way that a delayed or younger child would. 

Thank you, Teri, for providing our family with this book to review!


Ticia said...

Hmmm, that looks really interesting. I'll have to forward this to my friend who's a speech pathologist.

Melissa said...

thank you for sharing this. I love book reviews and suggestions.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

The pictures on the cover look really enticing. I bet E loves this book as much as M does :)

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